About us


IRSOLAV, a company committed to its customers, has highly qualified professionals for each of the company's areas.
Thanks to this, we are committed to providing a high quality end product.
We offer the most professional solution to your problems.


At IRSOLAV we want to be your first choice for the provision of technical and consulting services in the field of solar energy.

That is why we offer high quality global technical services to all companies and industrial sectors in the field of solar energy by using the most advanced technologies and highly qualified personnel for each of the services.

Total customer satisfaction is our priority.


José Martínez

Graduate in Physical Sciences from the University of Granada, specialising in fundamental physics. He has developed his career in the renewable energy sector by managing and supervising the installation of 4.8 pMW. Master in Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Installations.

Diego Bermejo

Doctorate in Physics from the University of Granada. He acquired experience in basic science on atmospheric physics, analyzing infrared emissions from the high terrestrial atmosphere measured by the instrument MIPAS/ENVISAT (ESA) and deriving from these geophysical parameters such as temperature profiles and abundance of minority gases.

Pedro Díez

Computer Science Engineer from the University of Granada. He has been involved in developments for public institutions such as ESA or NATO and private institutions such as Shell, Mapfre or Carrefour. Throughout these projects he has acquired knowledge in technologies such as ORACLE, Android, PHP or Python.

Helio Escrig

He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Valencia and a master's degree in Solar Energy from the University of Almeria. He has developed his career in research projects and companies related to concentrating solar energy. Most of his work is in the field of cloud and radiation prediction in the very short term.
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